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Welcome to Emerald Coast Jewelers in Destin

Our Company stands for high quality service since 2004. We are the only store in Destin with it's own master jeweler which uses his old style workbench to work on customers jewelry.

We offer all services with regard to jewelry including repair, custom designed jewelry, appraisals and of course we have one of the largest assortments of jewelry for sale presented in our store.

You will also find a huge selection of pendants, styles entail dolphins, shells, palms, etc. The perfect gift for somebody from the beautiful Emerald Coast of Destin, Florida.

We offer all sizes of Diamonds just waiting to be set into your setting of choice. Chose your metal material, color of diamond, shape of diamond and Emerald Coast Jewelers & Workbench will create your dream piece of jewelry everybody will love.

Come and experience our wonderful showcase of all types of jewelry and enjoy our friendly staff and our special door greeter Onyx. Because here at Emerald Coast Jewelers & Workbench we treat everyone like family.

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Phone: 850 650-7998, Fax 850 650-7994
E-mail: info@emeraldcoast-jewelers.com
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